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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Giving a helping hand

Recently, I have been bringing a brother in Christ to Church after he has stopped coming to Church for some time. This brother got a severe stroke and was hospitalized back in 2015 and was near fatal. It was a miracle he survived according to doctors but unfortunately he was paralyzed on his left side of his body and was greatly disappointed with what just has happened. He was a great guitar and bass player. In addition to that, he was on his way to get married after getting engaged the same year. The engagement did not last and he is now single... at home... and discouraged.

There were times where people tried to reach out to him and bring him to Church and was not successful. I myself have visited him quite a number of times to give him comfort and show that we still love him. As the months passed by, people stopped visiting him and just moved on in life and began to work with other people as this brother was still discouraged and full of questions why the bad things has happened to him.

The year is 2017 of the month of October... and I still had him in my mind... By this time, he has had a car accident too after trying to drive around the highway wanting to make an effort to do something independently on his own. I visited him again determined to bring him to Church.

We talked... He talked, I listened and I talked he listened... The conversation was about to end up the same way it has always ended up... But, some wisdom kicked in to me to say something different this time.

"I still remember you picked me up to Church when I was still learning to drive a car"

"I would be happy to see you at Church and I believe the Pastor would too."

I do understand that we go to Church in focus of Jesus Christ our risen Lord... But, something in that words were some wisdom in a human level relationship. A love between Christian brothers.

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.

The Book of John
Chapter 13
Verses 34 and 35
The Holy Bible

There was just a breakthrough in those words just made him say "Okay, I'll come to Church." and he did come with me to Church. In the beginning it was a bit overwhelming for him but as the week goes by, he began to have a smile on his face again being surrounded by Church people who does care for him and gives him support. He began to break away from self pity and told me he was going to go for another round of rehab to get his movement back. HE IS NOT GIVING UP!

Although it's just been a few weeks, but i believe as he keeps coming to Church and believing God for  a continuous work in his life... He's going to be restored in the Kingdom of God even better stronger than before. Bad things might of happened and the effects of that stroke might of damaged him... BUT Jesus Christ our Lord is a redeeming working God and He is indeed our Savior, Redeemer and Healer to SAVE us and restore us and presented unto God, The Father. What the devil has planned for evil GOD can turned it to GOOD and bring a blessing into his life.

I'm looking forward of what will transpire in the coming weeks and I'll keep him in my prayers!

Therefore, if there's that struggling brother out there who needs a helping hand... Just a kind sincere word could help them and it goes a long way. Love one another in brotherly love as The Lord has commanded us as Christians. His Words Never fails.

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