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Sunday, 19 February 2017

The Healing Miracle of God

The Healing Miracle of God
by Albrecht Patrick Raphael

O Lord, the enemy has indeed tried to discourage us,
But You O Lord, You have proven Yourself Mighty,
O Lord, I am sorry, I have started to complain and fuss,
Then there was a rally, we sat down and prayed to Thee.

The lights were on! The hall was electrified!
You O Lord, You have answered our prayer!
The plans of the enemy has been denied,
For we seek God and from His Throne, an answer.

Then the message was delivered and heralded,
The Good News about The Lord, Christ Jesus,
Ears were listening, hearts were encouraged,
About His sacrifice, His Love, His Fullness,

Then The Lord was received into the hearts of many,
Sicknesses were healed and tormented minds set free,
Pains were gone, legs were healed and evil spirits flee,
There were smile in their faces; I could see it so clearly,

But O Lord, I give thanks for all of that, that night
For the strength, for the anointing and Your healing power
Most of all I give thanks to You for her,
She has been there to also gave her support.

Her smile You blessed her with, Blessed me,
Her gentleness You equipped her with, encourages me,
Her friendship and love, blessed those around her,
It is you O Jesus, You have protected and helped her,

When she made herself available to serve You,
I was comforted and happy she was there,
Because, I saw her heart sang songs to Jesus,
O Holy Father, May Your Holy Spirit fill her life with Joy.

May You O God, My Father in Heavens,
Protect her and blessed her life with peace and comfort,
Help her in her weaknesses; carry her in Your Arms,

I thank You God, to have met such a beautiful daughter of Yours.

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