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Friday, 10 February 2017

Forgetting what was behind and looking forward to the Heavenly promises

To seek an Answer
by Albrecht Patrick Raphael

I have been walking through life to seek an answer,
Just to know I have been walking in darkness,
I had a disease, spreading within my heart... it was like cancer,
Within my heart was an empty void, like a sky that is starless.

Then I came by to an unknown place,
To hear The Good News of Jesus Christ, The Lord,
Then I knew the condition of my soul as I saw His Face,
O the guilt within my heart of the sins abhorred.

I knelt down before the Him, my head down in despair,
I pounded my chest asking for Forgiveness and Mercy,
But then, somehow in my heart... I knew He has heard my prayer,
Then I knew how much He has loved me,

I was received,
His Blood has washed me clean,
I was relieved,
With joy and peace in between.

Now I say I am a Christian,
For I follow Him Who has set me free,
His path I will walk on, His Words I shall listen,
Sin and death he has defeated, in His hands is the key,

O how wonderful it is to be in The Lord, Sing His praises O my soul... sing His Praises O my Soul...

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