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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Merry Christmas 2016 everyone!!

#MerryChristmas #MerryChristmas2016

Merry Christmas 2016 everyone!!

As Christians around the world remembers the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Just a few more days to go :D

For all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God, and therefore sin separates us from the Living God and condemns us to hell... Because God is Good and Holy, He is righteous and just... He is not a Judge to turn a blind eye to sin and accepts one into Heaven (imagine Hitler entering to Heaven, that is not just). In the same way our sins must be judged as well by The Lord sitting on the Throne.

Imagine if you died today and you stand in front of God Almighty... would you dare say you have lived a perfect life without sin? The Scriptures has said men is once appointed to die and then the judgement (currently scientific studies proves that all human beings are going to die one day... 100%)

#Sin #SeperatedfromGod #Salvation

At the same time there is this disgusting vile and abhorred sin wicked, dirty and evil thoughts in the hearts and mind of men... Selfish and hopeless... Unfaithfulness... Adultery destroying marriages, murders and killings going on... God still is Sovereign, He is still God and He Loves you. So, He sent His only Begotten Son, Jesus unto the world as a baby. He grew up and and served the people... Lived a life in total obedience to God, The Father. Lived a perfect life and then... He was murdered on a cross, the most humiliating way to die in history during the times of the Roman Empire reigning over Jerusalem about 2000 years ago.

This was God's very own plan, because Jesus was perfect and without blame... He was holy and did not sin one bit in His life... So, why did He died? He proclaimed Himself to be God's Son... He Proclaimed Himself to be The Saviour... He Proclaimed Himself to be the Truth, the Bread of Life, The Good Shepherd and The Only Way to God. He died for our sins, being a propitiation for us... and God's Judgement upon sin was satisfied when Jesus became sin for us and died for our sins. Paying in FULL the punishment meant for our sins.

That whoever would believe in Him, trust Him, have Faith upon Him... CONFESS that Jesus Christ is Lord. REPENT of sin and turning to Jesus asking for forgiveness... One could get saved from the coming judgement and wrath against sin. And THAT is the hope we have. Having eternal life in the Hands of Him Who died for us, saving us... in Heaven.

#War #WW3 #Rumorsofwar #WWIII

Even though the world seems to be in chaos and never ending wars (including rumors of WWIII) are in place... We shall not forget Jesus Who is The Lord Jesus Christ will come again in His second coming... and He is coming again soon. This world is temporary... Jesus will be the one fixing up everything (hopefully He will be doing that very soon, this world is in a mess!) O How fearful it is to fall into the Hands of The Lord... May we all be on the right side when He do comes.

The Church has been waiting for the coming of Jesus for almost 2000 years!

As for now, let us celebrate once again the 1st coming of Jesus into the Earth!! Merry Christmas everybody :)

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